I Have been a keen Photographer for many years, I started out at about 12 years old when my mother bought me an old 110 film cartridge camera. I soon found its limitations, thats when my grandad stepped in and loaned me his old 1950's Kodak Sterling 2 camera, He gave me some lessons on understanding shutter speeds and apertures and away I went.
Over the Years I have used dozens of different SLR camera systems from 35mm to 6x7cm. I now use Canon Digital SLR cameras which I find to be both reliable and of very high quality. I prefer to keep my photography as close to reality as possible and try to get the image right on camera, a habbit from my film camera days, and I use very minimal digital manipulation only to tweak the colours and stitch panoramic images.I use polarizing and neutral density filters when needed to make my images as close to how I see them. I tend to do most of my photography like most photographers in the golden hours 2 hours after sunrise and 2 before sunset as these are the times when the light is at its best.
Most of my photography is done near to where i live in the North East of England which is central to some of the most spectacular parts of Britain.